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        ART Positioner 2

        POSITIONER 2 When it comes to mechanical adjusters on lanyards the ART Positioner has become the climbers’ first choice since entering the market. It clearly represents state-of- the-ART equipment. The Positioner...

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        Multifunctional, self-blocking rope control device for the running double rope. The running rope is directly in front of the climber so it is possible to pull and feed the rope very...

        ART Snake Anchor

        SNAKE ANCHOR The Snake Anchor is the ultimate multi-functional tree anchoring device. Using an innovative and unique multi-stepped stitching system, each rated attachment point provides a built-in energy absorber in case...

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        ART Ball and String for Rope Guide

        BALL AND STRING FOR ROPE GUIDE Replacement ball and string for Rope Guide. The original ART 22mm Cherry Ball designed specifically for the ART pulleys and rope savers. This is an...

        Tree Climbers Knotbook

        Tree Climbers Knotbook The tree climbers knotbook is a must for any Arborist or Professional with an interest in knots. Written by Dirk Lingens, a German Arborist and a self confessed...

        ART Rope Guide Double Snapper

        ROPE GUIDE DOUBLE SNAPPER The clever designed Double Snapper has reached its next step on the „evolutionary ladder“ and acquired a considerably increased tensile load capacity. The sophisticated new frame design...

        ART Ropeguide Guide 2010 with Cocoon

        ROPE GUIDE 2010 WITH COCOON The Rope Guide 2012 Cocoon 5 combines the best properties of his predecessors with the thrilling results of current advancements: he is very light, can be...

        ART Positioner Replacement Cam

        Replacment Cam for your ART Positioner.

        ART Positioner Replacement Swivel

        POSITIONER REPLACEMENT SWIVEL Swivel for the Positioner lanyard adjuster made of aluminium. It prevents rope twisting and keeps the lanyard in the perfect position.

        ART Replacement Cam for Lock Jack 13mm

        REPLACEMENT CAM FOR LOCK JACK 13MM Clutch of the LockJack rope control device for 12 to 13 mm climbing ropes. With carbide core for high abrasion resistance.  

        ART Replacement Cam for Lock Jack 11mm

        REPLACEMENT CAM FOR LOCK JACK 11MM Replacement 11mm Cam for all versions of Lockjack.  

        ART Lock Jack Friction Plate

        LOCK JACK FRICTION PLATE Replacement friction plate for ART Lockjack