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        Silky Pocket Boy Blade Only

        POCKET BOY BLADE Pocket Boy blades are impulse hardened so they last as long as a blade that has had three resharpens. When a Pocket Boy doesn't cut as well as...

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        Silky Longboy Folding Telescopic Pole Saw Blade Only

        LONG BOY TELESCOPIC POLE SAW BLADE State-of-the-art folding longboy replacement blade. The 36cm impulse-hardened curved blade has Silky MIRAI-ME style of teeth (Smooth Cutting Technology) - The Teeth of the Future!...

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        Silky Hayauchi Pole Saw Blade Only

        HAYAUCHI POLE SAW BLADE ONLY Brilliant pole saw replacement blade for both the professional and home user. The 39cm long curved blade has Silky 4-RETSUME (Four Rows of Teeth) technology. Ideal...

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        Silky Hayate Large Tooth Pole Saw Blade Only

        HAYATE POLE SAW LARGE TOOTH BLADE 16-1/2-inch (390 mm) blade length 5.5 teeth per inch (6.5 teeth per 30 mm) teeth configuration 0.6 pounds (280 grams) weight Hard chrome-plated Taper-ground non-set...

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        Silky Gomtaro Root Cutting Blade Only 240mm

        GOMTARO ROOT CUTTING BLADE 240MM This saw blade is specifically designed for cutting tree roots. It has a tooth style which should cut all timbers with ease. The blade is hollow...

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        Silky Gomtaro Large Tooth Blade Only

        GOMTARO LARGE TOOTH BLADE 240mm, 270mm or 300mm 90g, 100g, 110g or 120g weight Hard chrome-plated Taper-ground and impulse-hardened non-set tooth design Limited lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship...

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        Silky Gomtaro Fine Tooth Blade Only

        GOMTARO FINE TOOTH BLADE This saw is designed for pruning medium to small branches. It has a tooth style which will cut dense and dry timbers with ease. It has a...

        $54.90 – $64.80 Select optionsSelect options

        Peltor HY7 Hygiene Kit

        H7 HYGIENE KIT Hygiene kit to suit H7 series earmuffs. Designed to extend the life of you earmuffs. Each kit contains new cushions to ensure a proper tight seal for optimum...

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        Peltor HY10 Hygeine Kit

        HY10 HYGIENE KIT Hygiene kit to suit H10 series earmuffs. Extend the life of your earmuffs with one pair of replacement cushions and one pairs of dampers. KEY FEATURES Maintains hygiene...

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        SIP Braces w/ Velcro

        BRACES WITH VELCRO 4cm wide braces with velcro closing for the Samourai and Arborist trousers in the Progress range and Canopy W-AIR trousers in the Innovation range. Available in black/white.

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        SIP Braces w/ Button Loops

        BRACES WITH BUTTON LOOPS SIP braces are made with button loops. Colour: Orange, Black/White

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        SIP Canopy W-AIR Arborist's Chainsaw Trousers

        CHAINSAW TROUSERS, CLASS 1, TYPE A The Canopy W-AIR trousers, developed for arborists, unite the key features of the W-AIR styles in the Innovation range i.e. a large ventilation area, a...