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        Silky Sugoi Curved Large Tooth Saw

        SUGOI CURVED LARGE TOOTH SAW State-of-the-art, must-have professional arborist saw with razor-sharp and ultra-fast cutting curved 14-1/5" blade. Nicknamed by arborists as "Tree Tiger" due to its super aggressive tooth pattern...

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        Silky Pocket Boy Saw

        POCKET BOY SAW The Silky Pocket Boy Folding Saws have four different colours for the different tooth sizes. The saws are designed to cut on the pull stroke. They have a...

        Silky Katana Boy Folding Saw 500mm

        KATANA BOY FOLDING SAW 500MM This saw is designed to prune large branches. It has a tooth style which will cut all timbers with ease. It has a taper ground blade,...

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        Silky Gomtaro Large Tooth Saw

        GOMTARO LARGE TOOTH SAW A beautifully balanced straight pruning saw with sheath. When the cutting gets tough, the Gomtaro gets cutting! Great combination of high performance blade with a comfortable and...

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        Gransfors Bruks Broad Axe 1900

        BROAD AXE MODEL 1900 The Gränsfors Broad Axe model 1900 has a traditional design and is suitable for squaring logs and planks, for example when building a log house. Broad Axes...

        Gransfors Bruks American Felling Axe 32inch

        AMERICAN FELLING AXE 32" The Gränsfors American Felling Axe is a professional axe for those who want to work in the forest in the traditional way. The axe is ideal for...

        Reecoil Standard Chainsaw Lanyard

        The REECOIL Standard Bungee Chainsaw Lanyard has been designed to suit a climber's basic needs. Built from a hard-wearing, high-vis webbing. This lanyard will stand out on the back of any...

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        Wolf Vario Handle 3m

        As a basic element for tree-care without need of a ladder, the multi-star Vario handle ZM-V3 is equally suitable for pond care, and is available in adjustable lengths between 170 -...

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        Wolf Tree Lopper

        The multi-star lopping shears RC-M provide problem-free cutting of high-level branches up to 38 mm diameter. Its precision-ground, non-stick blades continue to provide clean and exact cuts even after thousands of...

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        Wolf Professional Loppers

        Recommended Handles: ZM-V3, ZM-V4. * Allows clean cutting of branches in any position. * For branches up to 40mm diameter.

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        Designed By Arborists for Arborists! The unique leg strap makes your pruning saw more easily accessible Anti-twist buckles & neoprene cushoning for a comfortable fit Fits most makes of saw, straight...

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        Silky Pocket Boy Blade Only

        POCKET BOY BLADE Pocket Boy blades are impulse hardened so they last as long as a blade that has had three resharpens. When a Pocket Boy doesn't cut as well as...

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