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We have a huge range of height safety & access equipment available.

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        ART Velcro for Spider Jack

        VELCRO FOR SPIDER JACK Replacement Velcro for Spiderjack

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        ART Replacement Cam for Spider Jack

        REPLACEMENT CAM FOR SPIDER JACK Friction clutch of the Spider Jack 2.1 rope control device with the carbide care for high abrasion resistance.

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        ART Spider Jack 2.1 Dyneema

        SPIDER JACK 2.1 DYNEEMA Like the Spider Jack 2.1 Basic but with the Dyneema Kit mounted. The Dyneema sling is attached on to the body of the device, so a second...

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        ART Snake Tail

        SNAKE TAIL The Snake Tail serves as a connecting device between harness and ascenders or other rope control devices, as anchor, redirect, work positioning, connecting device or many other applications. Adjustable...

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        ART Rope Guide Twin Line

        TWIN LINE ROPE GUIDE As the name suggests, the Rope Guide Twin Line innovation are two lines o rather ropes: Either a short, spliced ART rope (Splice Anchor) with open eye...

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        ART Lock Jack w/ Swivel

        LOCK JACK WITH SWIVEL The ART Lock Jack is a manageable, efficient and easily operable device for ascent and descent in treeclimbing. The Lock Jack offers every climber, beginner to pro,...

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