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We have a huge range of height safety & access equipment available.

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        Buckingham Large Modular Rope Bag

        ATRAES is proud to release the new Buckingham International line of rope bags featuring: Designed to carry 100m of 1/2" climbing line. • Water resistant fabric to help keep equipment dry •1...

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        Yale Beeline Heat Resistant Prussick Cord

        Beeline Prussicks offer high heat resistance provided by its Vectran core and a 75% / 25 % Technora / Polyester braided cover. Beeline has one of the highest heat-resistant covers available...

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        Yale Polydyne (Priced Per Metre)

        Polydyne is a high strength double-braided rope incorporating a polyester sleeve over a nylon core. Polydyne maximizes load sharing between core and sleeve, yielding extremely high strength and high working energy...

        ISC Micro Pulley

        This is our most popular micro/ prussick minding pulley. Made by ISC it carries a maximum breaking load of 3,500kg as well as CE approval. Diameter: 20mm Max Load: 3,000kg SWL:...

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        Rock Exotica Hydra Pulley

        HYDRA PULLEY Any tool for arborists needs to be lightweight, durable and serve a variety of functions. The Hydra fits that description be providing the functionality of a pulley with a...

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        Petzl Vizir Face Shield

        VIZIR FACE SHIELD Eye shield with EASYCLIP system for VERTEX and STRATO helmets The VIZIR eye shield protects the eyes against projectile hazards. It is easy to install on VERTEX and...

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        Petzl Vertex Absorbent Foam

        ABSORBENT FOAM Absorbent foam suitable for Vertex helmets.  Absorbs perspiration and is machine washable.

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        KASK Super Plasma Ear Muff Adaptor Brackets

        These adapter brackets will allow you to fit Peltor ear muffs to your Kask Helmet. The brackets replace the backing section which would normally lock into the helmet, fastening screws are...

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        ISC Forged Big Dan Supersafe Karabiner

        ISC Forged Big Dan Supersafe Karabiner. Popular life line Karabiner. CONSTRUCTION: Steel ACTION: ''AUTOLOCK'' STRENGTH: 5,000kg STYLE: Big Dan GATE OPENING: 25mm WEIGHT: 278g Approved Standards: CE EN 362

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        ISC Cast Rigging Pulley 20mm

        ISC CAST RIGGING PULLEY 20mm Weight (grams) 2166 Rope diameter range (mm) Max 19mm (3/4") Working Line Max 29mm (1+1/4") Topping Strop Main wheel colour Green Fixed wheel colour Red Body...

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        Petzl Oxan Steel Triact-Lock Karabiner

        OXAN STEEL TRIACT-LOCK KARABINER High-strength oval karabiner. Oxan is a high-strength streel karabiner designed for use in difficult environments. The oval, symmetrical shape allows optimal loading of the karabiner when setting...

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        ISC Gator Supersafe

        The ISC Gator is our smallest load rated karabiner. At only 10cm long and carrying a tensile strength of 2,500kg it is the perfect choice for the Arborist looking for a...

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