MM 55

Perfect for a variety of lawncare,
soil cultivation & cleaning jobs.

• 0.75 kW • 27.2 cc • 7.9 kg

YardBoss™ Tool

MM-BF Pick Tines

Great for preparation of new or untilled garden beds.


YardBoss™ Tool

MM-BK Bolo Tines

Ideal for existing garden beds or soft soil tilling.


YardBoss™ Tool

MM-FC Edger

Ideal for accurately trimming lawn edges along paths and driveways.


YardBoss™ Tool

MM-KB Bristle Sweep

Hard wearing nylon bristles to scrub and sweep a variety of hard surfaces.


YardBoss™ Tool

MM-KM Power Sweep

Durable rubber sweeper is suitable for removing dirt, gravel or sand from roads and paths.


YardBoss™ Tool

MM-MF Dethatcher

Reinvigorate lawn growth by “Combing” out the accumulated spongy dead grass and tangled runners.


YardBoss™ Tool

MM-RL Aerator

Allows air, water and fertilisers to penetrate lawn by rotary cutting action of discs.