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We have a huge range of logging & milling equipment available.

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        Granberg Break-N-Mend

        Break-N-Mend This handy tool makes on-the-job chain repairs possible. Break and spin rivets on all common sizes of saw chain with Break-N-Mend's adjustable anvils and spinner head. Even reconditions old preset...

        LogRite 30" Hookaroon

        The 30" hookaroon is great for pulling slabs off the sawmill, at the firewood processor or moving firewood around. Extends your reach and keeps your hands out of areas they shouldn't...

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        DESCRIPTION The perfect fit and optimum hold of the PROTOS® Integral Arborist make it perfect for work at height, where face protection is indispensable. The hearing and face protection are integrated...


        Sena TUFFTALK-LITE Hard Hat Mount Earmuff

        THE COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY YOU NEED TO GET THE JOB DONE LIGHT DESIGN, HEAVY PROTECTION The Low Profile Tufftalk Lite Tufftalk-Lite features a minimal design and packs the bluetooth 4.1 communication technology...

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        Alaskan Mill Handle & Rail Sets Only

        The Alaskan Mill Handle and Rail sets are for use with the Alaskan Mill Basic Kit. If you have an existing Alaskan Mill and require additional rails, select the size that...

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        Clogger Altitude Gen2 Arborist Chainsaw Boots

        The all-new Clogger arborist chainsaw boot is designed to provide a unique combination of comfort, durability and all-in-one versatility while exceeding the EN ISO 17249 Class 2 standard. The Gen2 boot...

        SIP Progress Cool Trousers w/ Chainsaw Protection Long Fit

        PROGRESS CHAINSAW TROUSERS, COOL, LONG FIT These trousers have all the same design features as the 1SNA trousers, but with an added length of 6cm for a long fit. KEY FEATURES...

        LogRite 78" Mega Hook

        The LogRite Mega Hook is larger than a traditional cant hook. The 78" handle provides the most leverage to move a log by hand. The extra large hook will grip 15"...

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        Granberg EZ Rail System Connector

        EZ Rail Connector Kit is used with the G1010 and G1085 EZ Rail Systems. Enables rails extension for use on longer lengths of timber.

        Granberg 5ft EZ Rail Extension Kit

        The Granberg EZ Rail Extension Kit is normally used with the G1010 Granberg EZ Rails to extend the length of the first cut when milling with the Granberg Alaskan Mill. To...

        Slabbing Bracket Set

        Granberg Slabbing Rail Bracket Set For the greatest accuracy in milling with the Alaskan MKIII or Small Log Mills, the initial cut must be smooth and level. A set of slabbing...

        Petzl Vertex Absorbent Foam

        ABSORBENT FOAM Absorbent foam suitable for Vertex helmets. Absorbs perspiration and is machine washable.

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