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We have a huge range of logging & milling equipment available.

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        SIP Brush Cutting Gaiters

        BRUSH CUTTING GAITERS Gaiters provide adequate protection against flying debris and protect the bottom of the trousers from vegetation close to the ground. One size fits all.

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        LogRite Replacement Hook Size 3

        Replacement Hook for Mega Hooks.

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        LogRite 42" Peavey

        A very popular logging peavey. It is slightly lighter and easier to work with than our larger logging peaveys. Less handle arc means you can work the tops of the log...

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        LogRite 36" Hookaroon

        The 36" hookaroon is great for pulling slabs off the sawmill, at the firewood processor or for just moving firewood around. Extends your reach and keeps your hands away from the...

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        Petzl TacTikka Plus Headlamp

        TACTIKKA PLUS HEADLAMP Compact headlamp with white light and red light for preserving night vision and stealth. 250 lumens. Designed for occasional use, the multi-beam TacTikka plus headlamp offers 250 lumens...

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